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Use Tips

Volume in 50 liters of large backpack, in the place of goods, to put the weight of the bump in the lower part, put the best after the backpack can stand alone, if heavy weights are more evenly placed in the package and close to the body side, so the whole center of gravity will not fall.

Backpack shoulder with skill, put the backpack on a certain height, shoulder to enter the shoulder strap, the body leaned forward, stand up on the legs, this is a more convenient way. If at no high place can be placed, with both hands will pack up, put on one knee, the face of braces, hand control bag, the other hand grasping shoulder strap quickly swivel, so that one arm into the shoulder strap, then another arm into.

After the pack, to tighten the belt, so that the crotch is the heaviest force, to buckle on the chest, tighten, so that the backpack did not fall feeling, walking hand pulled shoulder strap and backpack between the adjustment belt, the body slightly leaned forward, so walking when gravity is actually in the waist, hip area, back without oppression, encounter unexpected incidents, the upper limb can be flexible. When unprotected through rapids, steep sections, should relax the shoulder strap, open the belt and chest belt, so that in case of danger, can be the fastest speed to isolate the package.