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Travel Style Collocation

Most of the traveling backpack pays attention to the comfort of the shoulder strap, the permeability of the back, and the large capacity. So, the general size of the travel is very large, but there are also fashionable and large capacity models, such as the messenger of the right hand backpack a couples travel. Retro style of fashionable bucket, size package for selection. Barrel-shaped design is more attractive than the general package type. Bright colours can also add a good mood for the journey. Very suitable for a pure color casual style or sports style clothes to do collocation.

Business Style

Nowadays, the demand for computers is becoming more and more common, and commuters have to need a backpack that can hold various documents and computers. Exquisite shirt and trousers is a lot of general attire, ordinary backpack is insufficient to highlight the business breath. A good business backpack, not only can add to the temperament, multi-functional zoning to create a new pattern in an orderly package, in the face of emergencies more quickly to cope with ease. General business models are relatively tough three-dimensional, with decent shirts, can be very good foil to the business people's straight gas field.