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Backpack (daily Necessities)

The clothes on the back of the march or out of the office are wrapped. Material diversification, leather, plastic materials, polyester, canvas, nylon, cotton, hemp and other texture luggage led fashion trend. At the same time, more and more personalized time, simplicity, retro, cartoon and other styles from different sides to cater to fashion people to publicize the needs of individuality. Luggage style also from the traditional business bags, schoolbags, bags to pens, 0 wallets, small incense bags and other extensions.

Because the backpack is used in a special environment, the material and process of the backpack are higher. All knapsack force position is sewn back to needle car three times, so that the position of the force is durable. The block button and other parts of the backpack can be frozen, smashed and 120 ° C distortion is not damaged. The backpack's outer material is mainly 420D Oxford nylon, 1000D nylon, 600D or 1000Dpolyester (polyester), or 1000D CORDURA and other materials. 1000D material density is high, very wearable, very suitable for use in the wild. CORDURA is a well-known high-end wear-resistant nylon roving fabrics developed by DuPont. The material wear resistance is much higher than the general nylon or polyester, and light weight. More than 90% percent of the world's famous brands of backpacks use this prestigious nylon material. These materials can withstand 0.5m~2m water pressure, so that the inside of the package remains dry. Some material also has the tear-proof function, once the thorn breaks, the break will not tear the enlargement.