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Why does the computer need to check separately at security?

We have to enjoy the convenience of notebook computers, but also to withstand some security problems caused by the inconvenience. What do you need to pay attention to when you carry a notebook computer?

1, in order to improve the speed of security, laptop security at the best time to remove the computer bag, and other parcels separated through the inspection of the security machine.

2, in the computer optical drive do not put into the disc, do not external USB disk, wireless network card and other hardware equipment. Power, the mouse is also best to separate the computer into the security screening machine to avoid causing unnecessary trouble in security.

3, do not use the laptop bag to carry the lighter. There are smoking at the airport, which can guarantee the needs of smokers, while consignment and carrying lighters are prohibited.

4, in order to speed up the efficiency of security, as far as possible paste, paste items to consignment, do not put in the computer bag.

5, domestic flights for passengers to carry the number of computers there are no mandatory provisions, but the computer batteries have certain requirements, carry two notebook above, preferably separate batteries and computers, and foam paper, such as insulation materials will be packed.

Recently, many laptop bags manufacturers are trying to improve the design of computer bags, as far as possible to minimize the inconvenience caused by passenger security.

In addition, there are passengers worried that security equipment will have adverse effects on the computer. In fact, this is absolutely no need to worry. Now the security machine is actually X-ray machine, many are labeled "film Safety." The current security machine is basically 70-160 kv X-ray generator, the seized goods at a time through the examination received the absorption dose less than 5 μ SV, in line with the ASA/ISO1600 standard film safety, so security equipment to the paper, this light-sensitive objects will not cause damage, computer storage equipment and other semiconductor devices are also safe.