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What kind of hiking bag should you choose?

What kind of  hiking bag should you choose?

At present, there are soft knapsack, outer frame bag, and internal bag.What type of shopping you buy depends on what kind of exercise you are involved in.

Soft bag

No internal and external support, no good carrying system, similar to a student's backpack.Light weight, small volume.But the relatively simple carrying system can not bear the heavy load, suitable for general urban tourism, a day hike, or a one-day suburban climbing activity.

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Outside the frame package

The metal skeleton is outside of the backpack, which is now rare.There is an h-shaped metal frame outside the bag (the most common in aluminum alloy), which can be hung with photographic boxes and stoves, so it is very bulky.But there is a larger space between the body and the backpack than the inner bag, which allows for better air convection between the body and the backpack, keeping it cool and comfortable while carrying it.

However, when the bag is full, the outer frame is more focused and dangerous in poor road conditions.When drilling in dense forest, bamboo bush, backpacks are easy to get stuck, but also easy to lose balance when climbing.So this bag is more suitable for carrying bulky luggage on a flat road.

Include the package

Move the metal skeleton to the inside of the backpack, making the skeleton and the backpack more integrated. The backpack is more comfortable to cling to the body, making the center of gravity more stable.This will make your activities more flexible and easier to balance when compared to the outer shelf.In particular, most brands now adopt adjustable, saddled systems that are comfortable to the back of your body.