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The selection method of Schoolbag

1, tailored to buy.

Note whether the size of the schoolbag fits your child's height. Consider the small schoolbag, and choose the smallest schoolbag that can pack your children's books and stationery. Generally speaking, schoolbags should not be wider than the body of the child; back on the body, the bottom of the schoolbag is not lower than the waist 10 cm. Back bag, the top of the schoolbag is not higher than the child head, belt position should be at the waist to fall between 2-3 inches. The bottom of the schoolbag is high with the lower back, and the schoolbag is positioned in the middle of the back, not hanging on the butt.

2. focus on design.

Parents can't ignore the rationality of the internal design of the schoolbag when they buy their children. Schoolbag Interior Design Reasonable space, can be children's various books, stationery, living supplies classification, can cultivate children's ability to incorporate and organize, let children develop good habits.

3, the material should be light.

Children's schoolbag material to be lightsome, this is a good explanation, because students have to carry a lot of books and items back to school, so for students to avoid the load increase, schoolbags should try to choose Qingshenjianfei materials.