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The material of the Camping Backpack

The material of the Camping Backpack

There are four kinds of hiking bags used in the market: dacron, nylon, Cordura and canvas.

Polyester fiber: good strength, heat resistance, good elasticity, is a better material.But staining is less, and if you have a high color requirement, you may choose to be in a difficult position in this type.

Nylon (nylon, polyamide fiber) : the quality is lighter, not easy to absorb wet, dry fast, the intensity is also good.But be afraid of fire, wear resistance is not good.

Cordura (Cordura) : it is a synthetic nylon that is as easy to absorb as nylon, faster to dry, more durable and stronger than nylon, but heavier than the nylon.

Canvas: wear-resisting.But waterproof, easy to damp, and slow, heavy weight.

Now you need to understand a parameter: denier (D), and this is a reflection of mountaineering bag fabrics strength parameters, numerical and is directly proportional to the thickness of the silk denier, the greater the value of denier, said thread thicker.In general, 500D Cordura is a material that is both strong and a little water resistant.The bottom of the bag is one of the most easily worn, preferably with a 1000D Cordura fabric.

Besides waterproof, the general hiking bag is not waterproof, should be equipped with waterproof cover.If be oneself to have waterproof function bag, general meeting USES PVC material waterproof coating, more upscale, it is PU coating.The coating of PVC material will change very hard when the temperature is low, and PU coating won't change much.The more the coating times, the better the waterproof performance, such as the number of PU coating of a bag up to 4 times, so it can be more than 1500mm waterproof.

In conclusion, considering the material, we are considering the wear-resisting degree of mountaineering bag (mainly the bottom of the bag), the degree of waterproof, the fabric weight degree, soft degree, the degree of resistance to tear (many backpack parameters will be mentioned in the grid cloth, is tearing), the degree of permeability porous (mesh), etc.