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The driver picked up the laptop

The first two days, BRT driver Gao Master drove to the terminal to find a laptop computer, so he hurriedly sent to the team dispatching room, will be the owner of the owners of the team, Sir, in time to get back to their own computer.

From monitoring, April 11, 2017 10:18 A.M., Mr. Zhang in the BRT bus station, with luggage compartment and computer bags on the high-master driving train-line car, find a position to sit down, as soon as the station, Mr. Item left the seat, holding the trunk to the rear door, 10:21 when the bus. Subsequently, the high master drove to the eastern team ready to work, ready to clean the car when found a computer bag.

The high master immediately took computer bags, the way to trot to the team dispatching room, and colleagues open computer package view, hoping to find the owner contact.

In a different meeting, the owner of the phone call, said he was too anxious to get out of the car, and then found that the computer bag forgot to take, and then find the train station dispatching inquiries.

Mr. Item knew that his computer was on the eastern side of the bus, immediately rushed to the team, 10:30 to the car to get the computer, and the driver of the high teacher wrote a thank-you letter.