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The classification of the waist bags

The classification of the waist bags

From the volume to divide, pockets can be divided into three levels

1, small pockets: the volume is less than 3 liters of the pockets are small pockets

Small pockets can be used as a personal pocket: mainly used to make money, as well as identity cards, bank cards and the like worth of objects. This type of pockets are more suitable for work, travel, and daily applications, tied inside the coat, no significant mountain dew, anti-theft function is naturally the best. The disadvantage is that the volume of small stuff too little.

light weight waist bag .jpg

2, medium pockets: volume in the 3 liters only 10 liters between the can be classified as medium pockets

Medium pockets are the most widely used in outdoor pockets, it is more types, and more powerful, can be used to load the camera, the kettle bulky items. Is the preferred type of pockets for outdoor activities.

3, large pockets: the volume of more than 10 liters in the pockets for large pockets

This type of pockets are more suitable for a single day of outdoor activities and daily life, due to the larger, most of these pockets with a shoulder strap.

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