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The classification of the backpack

A backpack is a general term for a backpack with a back shoulder.According to the different USES of the backpack, double shoulder laptop backpack, shoulder backpack, backpack, double shoulder backpack, shoulder bag and cord bag, military backpack hiking bag and so on.Depending on the material, there will be canvas bags, Oxford cloth bags, nylon cloth bags.

The main characteristic of double shoulder bag is convenient to carry, free hands, light weight bearing, wear-resisting, it is convenient to go out.

Computer backpack laptop bag global giant HTTP company is introduced in the 1980 s shoulder of the world's first computer bags, the adoption of anti-shock protection materials, add special ergonomic design and unique production process, is very solid and durable, welcome.In addition to the shock-proof barrier that is specially designed for computer, there is also a large space for small items such as luggage.Many high-quality computer dual-shoulder bags are also widely used as sports travel bags.


Sports backpack

Sports double shoulder bag design is very bouncing, the color is relatively bright, received a large number of 20 years old tide male tide woman to chase.Sports double shoulder bags are made of materials and workmanship because the functions differ in quality.For example, some of the big brand's backpack is in the fabric and style innovation, the function is also expanded, the outdoor double shoulder bag has waterproof function.

Fashion backpack

Fashionable backpack is mainly used for ladies, are mostly made from PU material, and also have made of canvas fabric, has small volume, is often used to replace the PU fabric bag lady go out will bring handbag, and the canvas fabric backpack is for primary and middle school students, as a school bag.The fashionable backpack is more suitable for the ladies in casual wear.Stylish backpack is convenient to carry, completely free hands, also very suitable for ladies in informal use.