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Single Shoulder type

Single shoulder schoolbag, as the name implies, refers to unilateral shoulder-force schoolbag, and a single shoulder satchel and satchel. Single shoulder bags generally small, easy to carry. Not only in school, when used in shopping, as can be used, so one shoulder bag has slowly become a fashion product. The main object of single shoulder schoolbag is mainly young people, especially middle school students and college students. However, the use of single shoulder bags should pay attention to the burden of the shoulder, lest the left and right shoulder pressure uneven and affect the health.

Electronic type

E-Schoolbag is a derivative of the concept of the noun, the earliest refers to some novels, literary reading website to the members of a service function. This function means that when consumers read a literary work, the work will automatically enter the schoolbag. It is available for consumers to read again, thereby eliminating unnecessary costs incurred by reading on the website. The application of this function of electronic schoolbags is also more and more widely, in many industries, many websites have applications.