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Quality judgment

The grade and quality of the shoulder pack are mainly determined from several aspects.

First, workmanship. Every corner and pressure line is very neat, without stripping and jumper phenomena, each needle embroidery is very elegant, this is a high technology standard.

Second, the use of the materials of the shoulder pack, generally 1680D dual-share fabrics are relatively moderate, while 600D Oxford cloth is more commonly used materials. In addition, materials such as canvas, 190T and 210 are usually used for relatively simple bundle pocket types of shoulder packs.

Thirdly, the back structure of the shoulder bags directly determines the use and grade of the backpack. High-grade and outdoor mountaineering or military backpack, the structure of the back is more complex, at least six more than a pearl cotton or EVA to make a air cushion, even aluminum racks. The general shoulder bag back is a piece of 3MM around the Pearl cotton to make breathable plates, the simplest bundle pocket type of Shoulder bags in addition to the backpack itself, there is no liner material.

To sum up, shoulder bags are mainly the best choice for casual and outgoing hobbies. The different grades of shoulder bags are suitable for different occasions and no longer described in this class.