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How to buy trolley bag

How to buy trolley bag

Fabric: In addition to the main polyester, nylon and the like there are many new materials, we only need to follow a standard: fabric to be strong, wear, easy to fade, and the best waterproof, even if not waterproof to ensure that dry.


Wheels: When testing the wheels, first look at whether it is solid, whether the wheels are shaking. See if the surface of the wheel is shiny. Generally shiny are made of raw materials, and the wheel surface is not shiny, and some rough is the use of recycled materials to do, such a wheel in the quality certainly not too busy. As well as the luggage on the ground, pull back and forth to see whether the wheel rolling is smooth, with or without noise.

Tie rod: in the election when the bar travel bag, look at the fixed on the luggage on the rod is solid, pull up and down the pull rod is smooth. If you have a button with a button, but also depends on the button after the press can quickly bounce. Moreover, to see the rod material, is the whole iron, or iron inside the iron, or all aluminum. All the iron, the price is relatively low, commonly used in comparison of cheap low-end luggage.