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Hiking backpack with gender distinction

Men and women pack a little difference when they are packed, because the trunk of the upper body longer and girls in the upper torso shorter but longer legs, filling the boys with heavier weights, because the center of gravity of the boys close to the chest, the center of gravity of the girls lower, the position close to the abdomen, heavy items as much as possible to the back, let the weight higher than

In the actual operation of the package, there are also a lot of small details worthy of note: in the pack before you must relax the back of the backpack and shrink belt, so that the space in the backpack fully open. After filling the goods must tighten the shrink belt, to reinforce the goods in the package; if the backpack fabric is thinner or more than plug supplies, try to use the backpack cover to protect the equipment and bags, outdoor backpack generally has a jacket.