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With the people's living and consumption level of continuous improvement, a variety of luggage has become the indispensable jewelry around people. People demand that luggage products not only in practicality, but also to expand the decoration.

According to the change of consumer taste, luggage material is more diversified. Leather, PU, polyester, canvas, cotton, hemp and other texture luggage led fashion trend. At the same time, increasingly flaunt the individuality of the era, simplicity, retro, cartoon and other styles from different sides to cater to fashion people to publicize the needs of individuality. Luggage style also from the traditional business bags, schoolbags, bags to pens, 0 wallets, small incense bags and other expansion. Prices are rising, materials are becoming more and more novel!

Many bags production merchants began to focus more on the backpack system, considering the students to school books and various types of learning appliances are more, and many are relatively heavy, so that students back up very difficult. Schoolbag is not not good, but many bags are more traditional, the most obvious is the burden of not decompression, and relatively easy to break, and many schools and parents are appealing to some businessmen in the design of schoolbags in the hope that more than decompression, the second is to improve quality.