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Cleaning method of Schoolbag

1, Hand washing bag

A, before washing the schoolbag in water (30 degrees below the water temperature, soak the time of 10 minutes is advisable), can make water in-depth fiber, first apart

To water soluble dirt, so the schoolbag can reduce the dosage of lotion when cleaning, to achieve better washing effect;

B, ESQ are environmentally friendly hand-dyed products, cleaning a slight fade to normal phenomena, dark fabrics please wash alone to avoid polluting other clothing, do not use (bleach, fluorescent agent, phosphorus) detergent, easy to hurt cotton fiber;

C, do not use hands to wring the bag after washing, hand twist bag easily deformed, can not be brushed directly with the wool brush, gently knead, but directly to the water naturally drops to the fast drying, dump a natural drying, avoid the sun, because UV-prone to fade, use natural drying way, do not dry.

2, Machine wash bag

A, washing machine wash bags in the laundry bag, put into the washing machine (below 30 degrees water temperature), with soft detergent (water-borne washing liquid);

B, the schoolbag is not too dry after rinsing (about six or seven cent dry), remove the dump a natural drying, avoid the sun, because UV light is prone to fade, use naturally dry way, do not dry.